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Vista Audio

Vista Audio started in 2000 as a brand of ENG Vista, Inc. The first product was Model-1 amplifier kit, followed by integrated amplifiers i82, i84 and i34. While the amplifier line is being redesigned, Vista Audio released phono preamplifier, Phono-1, which is now in it's second iteration, Mk II.

Vista Audio products are designed in the USA and proudly manufactured in the USA and Serbia.

Vista Audio Phono-2Vista Audio Phono-2Vista Audio Phono-2
phono-2 is a result of continuous learning which made it possible to meet high level performance of phono-1 and, at the same time, provide more convenient optimization for wide variety of MM and MC cartridges.

Bottom side of phono-2 hosts micro switches which are used to set cartridge loading ("Load"), preamplifier gain ("Gain") and output filtration ("Low-pass filter"). Examples of optimum load and gain settings for various cartridges are listed here
  Class A operation
  Input impedance (MM): 47 ohm - 47 kohm (8 presets)
  Gain: adjustable 40 - 70 dB (six presets)
  Bandwidth: 10Hz - 40kHz
PRICE: $399.00

Polk Forum
Vista Audio SparkVista Audio SparkVista Audio Spark
Vista Audio's Spark is a proof that amplifiers do not need to operate in Class-D to be small and reasonably priced. Class-AB operation is free of digital artifacts and capable of driving wide range of speakers, over extended frequency range.

Low-key retro design of the front panel makes Spark an aesthetic fit with variety of systems and interiors.
  Output power: 2x20W
  Two inputs
  Frequency response:  10Hz-80kHz
  Class AB operation
PRICE: $399.00

Zero Fidelity
Phono-1 Mk II
Phono-1 Mk II
Phono-1 Mk II
Phono-1 Mk II
Phono-1 preamplifier was designed as a high precision instrument for amplifying delicate signals with extremely high accuracy. The first preamplifier came out in two versions: Phono-1 and upgraded Phono-1+. Thanks to the high demand, Vista Audio managed to release new version, Mk II, based on the upgraded version, while keeping the low price of the original Phono-1.

Phono-1 Mk II provides direct coupling of input and output signals, without capacitors in the signal path. In order to eliminate DC offset, it uses active offset cancellation circuit, which is also outside of the signal path.

Recepient of Positive Feedback's Writer's Choice Award.

  Class A operation
  RIAA tracking accuracy: 0.07dB
  Distortion: <0.005%
  Input impedance (MM): 47k/100pF default
  Input impedance (MM): 10 ohm - 47 kohm (adjustable)
  Gain: adjustable 40 - 70 dB

PRICE: $299.00

Positive Feedback
RIAA compensation circuit uses low noise resistors with tolerance of 0.1% and rare capacitors with 1% tolerance.
For markets requiring 220-240V power supply, Phono-1 ships without its wall wart supply. We can recommend locally available supplies, meeting all safety regulations at modest price of $15 or less.
Contour Audio BufferContour Audio Buffer
The newest product from Vista Audio took years to bring to market. The simplest way to explain what the Contour does is to say that it optimizes interface between a source and an amplifier, and it improves channel separation. The Contour provides stable, high input impedance and low output impedance thus eliminating potential mismatch between a music source and an amplification stage. With gain close to 1 (0 dB) and vanishingly low distortion, the Contour does not change the system's sound quality. For that reason Vista calls it an audio buffer. More details about the Contour can be found here.

PRICE: $169*

*to maintain low cost of this exceptional product, it ships directly from Europe. Customers in North America will receive the Contour with 120V power supply. Shipping is free of charge and transit time to North America is 2-3 weeks. All post-sale service and support is provided by Verty Audio.
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