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Vista Audio

Dayens Ecstasy  Dayens Trio
Ecstasy III


Dayens Ampino
Dayens Ecstasy III Dayens Menuetto Dayens Ampino
Integrated amplifier
Output power: 2x100W (8 ohm) / 2x150W (4 ohm)
Bandwidth: 1Hz - 200kHz
Inputs: 4

Integrated amplifier
Output power: 2x50W (8 ohm) / 2x70W (4 ohm)
Bandwidth: 4Hz - 200kHz
Inputs: 4
Integrated Amplifier
Output power: 2x25W (8 ohm) / 2x40W (4 ohm)
Bandwidth: 4Hz - 200kHz

Price:  $2,490.00 Price: $1,290.00   Price: $790.00
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Vista Audio Spark
Ampino MonoblocksAmpino preamplifier
Vista Audio SparkDayens Ampino MonoblocksDayens Ampino Preamplifier

Integrated Amplifier
Output power: 2x20W

Bandwidth: 10Hz - 80kHz
Inputs: 2

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Mono Power Amplifier
Solid state technology
Output power: 50W (8 ohm) / 100W (4 ohm)

Inputs: 1
Stereo Preamplifier
Direct Coupled
Inputs: 4
Outputs: 2
Price: $399.00Price: $1,890.00/pairPrice: $990.00
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